Residential Countertops

Complete Countertop Replacement - At Olive Mill, we specialize in residential countertop replacement. Since 1986 we have performed 1000's of countertop removal followed by a brand new countertop. From start to finish we can perform removal of existing countertop, plumbing (disconnect and reconnect), install new solid surface, quartz or granite, tile backsplash, appliance reconnect. 


New Construction - If you are having a your kitchen cabinets replaced, we can offer some assistance. Although we don't do cabinets, we can recommend a few cabinet companies we have worked with over the years. Establishing a time line can also be an advantage to make the kitchen remodel go as smooth as possible.


Tub and Shower Surrounds - Solid Surface material is the perfect material for tub and shower surrounds.  Say goodbye to cleaning grout.

With over 200 colors and patterns to choose from, you can truly make your shower of tub surround unique.  We offer a complete package.  From the shower pan, wall panels and shampoo caddies, let you imagination run wild.

Existing Countertop Removal - Do you have a countertop that needs to be removed? Especially with an existing tile counter, we can remove it with minimal mess and dust. Tile countertop are very heavy and extremely dusty. We have specialized tools to keep any mess to a minimum.


Plumbing Services - Most customers need to have their new plumbing fixtures hooked up to finish off the kitchen installation.  We will coordinate the installation and plumbing services to reduce your downtime.



Renew and Refinish- Make your countertops new again. Let us give your countertop a new look. Sanding your entire counter (solid surface), replacing the silicone and cleaning the sink will enhance the look of any kitchen.



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