Sink Options

At Olive Mill we offer a wide variety of sink options. Regardless of the brand you choose we will provide the quality and craftsmanship to make for a professional fit and finish. Not only do we offer a complete line of Kitchen and Bath Vanity sinks, you are more than welcome to provide your own sink purchased from another supplier.

If you're unsure which sink best fits your lifestyle, compare the advantages and characteristics of each sink style below.

Top Mount (Self Rimming)

Top Mount sinks sit directly on the surface of the countertop material. All top mount sinks have a finished top rim which adds style and beauty. Homeowners do not usually choose a top mount sink for the kitchen due to the difficulty in keeping it clean.

Bottom Mount (Undermount)

This sink style is mounted below the surface of the counter material. The main advantage with this style is the ability to wipe water and debris directly into the sink.

Seamed In (Integral)

Solid Surface Integral bowls are the only sinks with the ability to seam directly to the solid surface counter surface. It is ideal for easy clean-up and maintenance. There are no gaps or silicone between the two. The sinks are easy to clean and have a non porous surface.

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View a side-by-side comparison of the features and benefits of our surfacing product, so you can make the choice that's right for you.

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